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A resource for all things cottage related to encourage more people to renovate, restore and preserve traditional buildings, turning them into living history.
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About Cottageology

This website is a source for all things cottage related. It will hopefully encourage more people to renovate, restore and preserve cottages, to turn them into living history. If you have an experience, memory, story, observation or suggestion about cottages – we would be delighted to hear from you. Hopefully this website will become a community of information and support and a celebration of Irish culture in the same spirit as times gone by.

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Dublin City Cottages Project

Much has been made of the grand architecture of the city with all architectural books and studies concentrating on their splendour and deservedly so.  The focus of this project is on the every day homes of the every day folk, many of those cottages have set the scene for some of the most fascinating stories and events in Dublin history and I am hoping to document what I can of those stories.

Dublin City cottages Project