Building a tin roof over an old thatch has long been a method of avoiding the costs of a re-thatch while keeping a building dry.  I was delighted (though of course, also sad to see it derelict) to spot a kind of cross section looking right out onto the road on the Tipperary to Limerick road. 

Not only was the old thatch on display but an old mud internal attic wall could also be seen giving a really fascinating view of the construction of an old cottage.  I took a little video to give you a better sense of the construction:

The guys over at Under The Thatch are renovating a cottage with some older thatched roofs that they want to preserve under tin and have documented their renovation with some great photography.

If you are intersted in learning more about thatched roofs check out this fantastic PDF guide by the Dept of Arts, Heritage & The Gaeltacht 

If you’ve any questions – join us over at the Cottage Renovation Facebook group

How about a few more photos from that Tipperary cottage before you go :-):  

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