Hi everyone, my name is Orla and I set up Cottageology almost 14 years ago now! I took a step back over the past few years as I had two beautiful babies while also juggling self-employment. When I set this up I was working as an architectural technician but since then moved to web design and am currently moving in yet another direction. This change has had me thinking about what to do with the website that has been largely sleeping for years.

What motivated me to start this website in the first place was to inspire people to renovate and appreciate our stock of Irish Cottages. Over the years, I’ve realised that it is the people’s stories I love the most – whether it is the renovation journey itself, the architects, the tradespeople or those fighting to protect the cottages.

This community has thought me the many different faces of the Irish Cottage community and that there is no one right path. Many conversations have become fraught because short comments and replies don’t allow a full story to be told. Also, those wonderful stories get lost in the feed, falling away and getting lost in the sands of time yet again.

What I am considering is giving you the platform to tell your stories in a podcast format supported by a written post with images, videos or whatever you want to show to illustrate your story. The purpose will be to form a time capsule to tell the real behind-the-scenes trials and tribulations of all involved in the Irish Cottage industry.

The platform I will be using is new so there will be some trial and error. I will create the outline questions and you can answer them in your own time and without pressure. I will then edit them into a podcast-style format so those stories can be listened to easily.  You will be sent the audio file before publishing to be sure you are happy with it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the types of stories, questions, people and places you would love to hear about so I can research and approach those individuals. Reply here in the comments or send me an email if that is easier to

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