• Festival of the Fires – Europes Oldest Recorded Festival

    I have recently come across this festival and it sounds amazing. Last year saw the re-kindling of the oldest recorded festival in Europe – The Festival of the Fires on the ancient Hill of Uisneach.
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  • Discovering the age of your cottage

    Discovering the age of your cottage is much like trying to uncover your family tree, the further you go back the more difficult it becomes. As a general rule, cottages are an architectural style all of their own, transcending the years and fashions. The style is rarely indicative of its age, a larger style cottage may be deceptive as it could have started out as a two bedroomed cottage and have been extend over the years as the inhabitants became more affluent to become a thatched mansion. Conversely, that run down turf shed or ruin on your land could be a cottage hundreds of years old who’s owners fell on hard times. The following are some of the best ways of tracing the age of your property:
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