Anything and everything to do with Irish cottages!

The aim for this website is to provide a central location for information about Irish cottages from renovation and maintenance to history, living stories and lifestyles – all cottage related topics are open for discussion!

I have always had a passion for cottages, their aesthetic, romance and hints of a simpler lifestyle woo me.   Finding the perfect cottage is a challenge that can take years and the process of renovating one can take many more.   However I have always noticed that there is not one comprehensive up to date website devoted to Irish Cottages –  searches will bring up cottages for rental or trying to sell you something but very little helpful information about cottages.

I hope that this website will become a source of reference for those who are thinking of renovating or have already begun renovating a cottage with articles on each stage of the renovation process.  Hopefully, I will be able to collect case studies from each of the counties of Ireland and build up a list of genuine, recommended trades people to make potential renovators journeys easier.

I would also love to hear from people who have lived, or currently live in cottages; your experience and stories will form the heart of the website, passing on knowledge that might otherwise be lost in the sands of time.  I would also love to hear of trades people or services that you would recommend to potential renovators in your area.

And of course for people who dream of owning a cottage some day – I hope this website will be a place of inspiration!


North Kerry Farm Cottage

North Kerry Farm Cottage

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