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Dublin City Cottages Banner

I am currently working on a project to research and document the cottages of Dublin City.  Living in an area like Portobello gives an accute awareness of the quaintness of these city cottages, juxtaposed as they are against the modern city that surrounds them.  Much has been made of the grand architecture of the city with all architectural books and studies concentrating on their splendour and deservedly so.  My focus though – as usual – is on the every day homes of the every day folk, many of those cottages have set the scene for some of the most fascinating stories and events in Dublin history and I am hoping to document what I can of those stories.

Alongside documenting their history I would also like to showcase their evolution into modern 21st century homes.

So while I am busy in the planning stages of this project I am asking for any help that you or someone you know could give me – books you could reccomend, studies, contacts I could speak with, agencies that can help etc… Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!  My contact details are included at the end of this post.


Cottage Owners/Dwellers – history of your cottage, explaining the process of renovating your cottage and or the experience of living there.  No story is insignificant.

Architects/Engineers – Perhaps your clients are city cottage dwellers with a story to tell or you would like a project you undertook to be showcased.  Also any knowledge and/or contacts that you have would be of huge benefit.

Local Historians – If you are a historian and would like to help with this project I would be absolutley delighted to hear from you.

Local Authorities / Historical & Architectural Societies – No doubt I will be in contact but just incase my queries have not filtered through to the correct area, if any information could be provided it would be greatly appreciated.


The goal is to post a new article for each area, each week for six months and hopefully piece together a living history for Dublin’s City cottages.

If you have any questions or would like to help, please do not hesitate to contact me,

Kind Regards,

Orla Fitzmaurice
087 9807024  (Best time for contact 2pm – 8pm)

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